The name’s Dominik Kruk. I’m an amateur game developer who’s looking for the best way to get into the gaming industry. Currently going to university to see what they teach about game design, so I’ll eventually let you know how that turns out. But before I get out into the real world, I’ll just sit here in my room and write about games.

PokemonLG GIF
GIF: Pokemon LeafGreen Intro

Video games have been an interest of mine ever since my family first got a PC. Does anyone else remember when they had game CD’s in cereal boxes? That was honestly the coolest thing. My mom told me that, when I was 5, she actually used to stay up at night learning how to play those games just so she could teach me in the morning. I eventually got a Gameboy Advanced SP and Super Mario Bros. 3 bundle on my 7th birthday. The GREATEST present I’ve ever received. Then I got Pokemon LeafGreen and that had just irreversibly changed my life (for the better).

MarioKart GIF
GIF: Mario Kart Wii Intro

As I’ve grown up, video games were always a part of my life. Social interactions wouldn’t have been the same without some friendship ruining Mario Kart or Pokemon battles. But even though games were fun, I was always more interested on how exactly the things on my screen were created. I finally was able to talk about it with like-minded individuals in my first ever high school class: Computer Science. Having people around to talk to about the more in depth parts of the game’s industry was an immense socializing boost. It just felt great.

Having a passion on the subject for so many years, I’ve now decided to share what I’ve learned, as well as my opinions on some subjects, to the online community. Why not.

     – Dominik KrukBlog_Logo2